27th December 2024 – In a strategic alliance set to reshape the landscape of Free Ad-supported Streaming TV (FAST) channels, View TV and Kapang are joining forces to introduce a revolutionary solution. This collaboration integrates broadcast-grade GPU-powered playout within an Operational Expenditure (OpEx) driven Content Delivery Network (CDN), addressing critical shortcomings in channel revenues identified by Kapang’s recent report.

The Opex model allows channels to pay for playout on a pay-as-you-grow model without any minimum cost commitment fees for premium TV Channel Playout.

Kapang is subsidizing the $30k/year hosted premium cloud playout solution from View TV as part of all of its CDN models to resolve the problems in FAST Revenues. Small less confident broadcasters are settling for cheap FAST Channel Scheduling or FAST Channel Playout solutions where missing features are losing channel revenues that would outweigh the costs of premium playout ten fold.

View TV Play, the FAST Channel playout, has a unique sponsorship ad-decisioning server that enables time of day break bumper sponsors which increase as the audience grows. Kapang has a wealth of sponsorship availability which more than cover the cost of the subsidized premium playout solution from View TV and provide an uplift in earns for Kapang and the channel broadcaster.

Kapang’s report reveals that the major impediment to FAST Channel revenues lies in incorrect channel formats and meta-data syntax errors, leading to suboptimal advertising yields exceeding 10 times the savings on tech. Content distribution companies and channel owners often opt for budget-friendly technology, inadvertently causing significant losses in ad-sales revenue and compromising audience performance.

Key Features of the View TV and Kapang Collaboration:

  1. Broadcast-Grade GPU-Powered Playout: By infusing GPU-powered playout capabilities into the OpEx driven CDN solution, View TV and Kapang are introducing a broadcast-grade experience for FAST Channels. This advanced technology ensures optimal channel formats and eliminates syntax errors, providing viewers with a seamless and unhindered TV experience.
  2. Addressing Revenue Shortfalls: The collaboration directly addresses the revenue shortfalls identified in Kapang’s report by enhancing the quality of FAST Channels. By rectifying format and syntax errors, View TV and Kapang empower content distribution companies and channel owners to maximize ad-sales revenue and improve overall audience performance.
  3. Quality Over Cost: View TV and Kapang advocate for prioritizing quality over cost in the development and purchase of technology for FAST Channels. The alliance seeks to dispel the misconception that budget-friendly solutions deliver the expected TV experience, highlighting that investments in quality channels yield superior monetization without fixed fees.
  4. Confidence in Quality Channels: View TV’s collaboration with Kapang underscores its confidence in the notion that quality channels inherently monetize better. By offering a state-of-the-art playout solution, the alliance aims to demonstrate that investing in advanced technology is not just about cost but about unlocking the full potential of audience engage with FAST Channels for sustainable revenue growth.
  5. Unparalleled TV Experience: The integration of GPU-powered playout ensures an unparalleled TV experience for viewers, reaffirming the commitment of View TV and Kapang to deliver content in the highest quality. This initiative aligns with the evolving expectations of audiences for seamless streaming and engaging content.

View TV and Kapang invite content distribution companies, channel owners, and industry stakeholders to embrace this collaborative effort as a decisive step towards elevating FAST Channels to new heights of quality, revenue, and viewer satisfaction.

View TV likes to point out that channel owners are commited to Brand and Content Marketing as part of their Channel Broadcaster business, but View TV Studios can to sign up any content partners as AVOD and FAST Channel partners if they do not want to embark on operting as a channel operator.

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View TV is a broadcast television and VOD specialist delivering end to end solutions from its private cloud.

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Kapang is an unhindered CTV and OTT platform allowing all FAST channel and content warehouse businesses to be displayed to all devices from a single easy to use platform.

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