View TV Clouddistribute streaming television everywhere efficiently for channel success and sustainable earnings without changing your origin playout solution provider.  Start a TV Channel or rebroadcast your existing TV Channel with View TV Cloud and its monetisation ecosystem.

Are you looking for a way to deliver your FAST Channel to any platform globally with fully integrated SSAI that you control and live reporting? Look no further than View TV Cloud, the most advanced and reliable CTV distribution solution that enables you to quickly and efficiently create, manage, and monetise your FAST channels across multiple FAST Platforms.

View TV will ad you to Kapang in the UK and USA within daya to get your FAST Channel kicked off in style.

Monetise TV with FAST Broadcasting

View TV Cloud Pay-as-you-grow

Connect your linear FAST channels to any platform via a simple SaaS model with no connector fees.

$ 0 00 Zero Commitment Fee
  • No monthly commitments
  • Guaranteed channel launch in days
  • No 3rd Party CTV Connector Fees
  • Kapang EPG Channel Launch
  • HLS or SRT TV Playout Ingest Inc
  • 24/7 Proactive Origin Monitoring
  • Opt - Free Cloud TV Playout
  • Opt - Included Live Cloud Producer
  • Opt - Social Media Live Clipping
  • Get first 1Tb of CDN Data included
  • 1080HD encoding & distribution
  • 24/7 AI-powered Monitoring
  • 100Gb Storage included
  • 24/7 Live Reporting Dashboard
  • Global Broadcast CDN
  • XML EPG Distribution
  • CTV Platform Distribution
  • No platform connector fees
  • CDN - $0.02Gb
  • SSAI - $1 CPM
  • Extra Storage - $100/Tb
  • Kapang 50/50 Revenue Model
  • Launch on Kapang in days
  • FAST Broadcaster unlimited PR
  • No Distribution Revenue Share

View TV Cloud

Extend your service with three levels of origin service backup to provide a high SLA service.

$ 1,770 00 per month
  • All features of Pay-as-you-grow
  • No 3rd Party CTV Connector Fees
  • 70/30 Revenue Model on Kapang
  • 4K Live TV and On-demand Opt
  • Includes 100Tb of CDN data
  • AI Channel Standadrisation
  • Proactive Monitoring & 90 day DVR
  • Includes 10Tb of Storage
  • Backup ingest feed option
  • Channel backup loop option
  • CDN - $0.01/Gb
  • SSAI - $0.50CPM
  • Extra Storage - $50/Tb/month
  • Kapang - 70/30 Revenue Model
  • Kapang EPG Launch in days
  • FAST Broadcaster Unlimited PR

View TV Connect Broadcaster+

Fully managed hardware link back to View TV. A resilient service with fully managed distribution.

$ 7,770 per month
  • All the features of Connect+ plus
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  • No 3rd Party CTV Connector Fees
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  • Owned & Operated Apps Available
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  • 80/20 Reveue Model on Kapang
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  • Includes 1Pb of CDN Data
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  • Fully managed distribution
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  • Fully managed origin link
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  • Includes 20Tb of Storage
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  • Inc - Integrated Live Clipping
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  • Inc - Live Event/Sports Producer
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  • CDN - $0.0050/Gb
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  • SSAI - $0.50/CPM
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  • Extra Storage - $25/Tb/month
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  • Instant Premium Kapang EPG
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  • Kapang premium listing
    We provide a Tier 1 broadcaster EPG number at the top of the EPG Genre category.
  • FAST Broadcaster Unlimited PR
    We provide a Tier 1 broadcaster EPG number at the top of the EPG Genre category.

Distribute your FAST Channel everywhere with a single product

When you partner with View TV Cloud, you also get access to FAST PLUS, an innovative feature that puts you in control of your revenues and growth. FAST PLUS provides abundant information about your channel performance, audience data, advertiser data, and more. You can use this information to optimise your FAST channel strategy, increase revenue streams, and reach new audiences. 

View TV Cloud is the FAST Channel Distribution solution that puts your FAST Channel everywhere with full live statistics and revenue reporting broken down by CTV service.

The FAST Channel Revenue Dashboard

The FAST Channel Dashboard can be seen below and provides up-to-the-hour information about the revenue and audience performance of channels across many platforms in a single website.   

Log in, see Ad-fill for FAST Channels performance across all platforms from a single provider, and compare the distribution strategies. 
View TV Cloud – Distribute & monetise streaming television everywhere., View TV
View TV Connect Dashboard

Launch on some platforms.

View TV Cloud is the FAST Channel Distribution solution that enables linear television broadcasters of all sizes to create, curate, manage and deliver linear television services and deliver to multiple analogue, OTT and Connected TV platforms. Distribute streaming television everywhere efficiently.  

Simply ingest an SRT or HLS feed with the correct SCTE35 or HLS Cuepoint markers and View TV will complete the compliance to any Connected TV platform.

100% Ad-fill for all FAST Channels