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Streaming TV Experts for Connected TV

Streaming TV is really amazing

View TV is the CTV platform facilitator that does it all. Whether you want to create, broadcast, distribute, or monetise your streaming video and linear FAST Channels, View TV has you covered.  With View TV, you can create a tv channel and launch on Kapang in days or reach any CTV platform globally with a fully integrated SSAI platform that you control. View TV also powers FAST Plus, the innovative feature that gives you access to real-time data and insights on your FAST channel performance, audience behaviour, and Streaming TV revenue streams

The View TV team are streaming TV experts and use an integrated broadcast cloud to maximise revenues, audience reach and provide responsive reporting for broadcaster and content creators.  

FAST Channels

Streaming TV end-to-end eco-system ....

Creating, curating and delivering Streaming TV channels and FAST Channel experiences can be challenging to integrate.  Any broadcaster can provide an incredible return on investment using the View TV Cloud containing FAST Channel Playout, Broadcast-grade CDN, integrated SSAI, View TV Marketplace, and View TV Studios team.

View TV Studios works with content owners and Video Content Distributors to create, distribute and monetise video libraries in the form of FAST Channels, AVOD, SVOD & TVOD using CTV Distribution and the  Kapang Connected TV Platform. CTV CDN


View TV Play is a cloud TV playout solution that enables linear television broadcasters of all sizes to create, curate, manage, and deliver linear television services to multiple analogue, OTT, and Connected TV platforms.  

View TV Cloud delivers a broadcast -grade FAST distribution service for existing broadcasters and FAST has announced a new revenue and earnings dashboard. The View TV dashboard allows broadcasters to monitor SLA, monies earned, and audience data per channel per platform.

View TV is the best solution for Broadcasters of all sizes wanting to succeed with Streaming Video & Broadcast