FAST Channel Distribution is essential for any FAST Channel or Streaming TV Service operator looking to be watched by audiences across several connected TV Platforms and CTV Operators.

View TV can deliver any channel from any playout solution to any platform with full integration, ad-fill monetization and reporting within a few days. Utilise View TV for excellent results.

The digital transformation for broadcasters has been a rapid and challenging process, and many broadcasters were not ready for the level of agility and innovation required.

View TV Maximises the revenues generated across all platforms by reporting the revneus ona  single dashboard and providing a guarenteed 100% backfill across most platforms to make sure that revenues are yielded across all audiences.

FAST Channel Distribution – Global audience reach and monetization, View TV
FAST Channel Distribution Workflow

How to Reach and Monetize More Viewers with Streaming TV

Streaming TV is a rapidly growing market that offers content distributors a new way to reach and engage with viewers. Streaming TV services can be either subscription-based (SVOD) or free ad-supported (FAST). While SVOD services like Netflix and Disney+ have dominated the headlines, FAST services like Pluto TV and Xumo have also gained popularity among cord-cutters and cord-nevers who want to watch TV for free.

FAST services provide linear channels and video-on-demand content that are supported by ads inserted during scheduled breaks, similar to traditional TV. FAST channels can be created from existing content libraries, such as indie movies, older network TV series, online video, news, sports, and niche genres. FAST channels can also leverage short-form content that would normally be delivered over platforms like YouTube, creating more personalized and diverse offerings for viewers.

FAST channels offer several benefits for content distributors, such as:

  1. Broadening the reach of their content library and building a larger subscriber base
  2. Generating additional revenue from ad sales and data insights
  3. Driving subscriptions to more premium content or SVOD services
  4. Enhancing user experiences with more choice and convenience
  5. Reducing the cost and risk of launching and maintaining a streaming service

However, creating and distributing FAST channels also poses some challenges, such as:

  1. Choosing the right technology platform and partner for channel origination, delivery, and monetization
  2. Integrating with various FAST platforms and devices, such as Roku, Samsung TV Plus, Peacock, etc.
  3. Ensuring the quality and reliability of the streaming service
  4. Complying with the regulations and standards of different markets and regions
  5. Measuring the performance and impact of the FAST channels

To overcome these challenges, content distributors need a comprehensive and advanced solution that can help them launch and manage their FAST channels efficiently and effectively. One such solution is View TVx, a platform for streaming TV broadcasters that offers resources and support and sophisticated cloud-based products for origin playout services, global audience delivery, and fully monetized distribution.

View TVx also developed FAST Plus, a cutting-edge solution for delivering channels globally using a conventional television business model while taking advantage of the efficiencies of streaming television delivery.

View TVx powers Kapang, a Connected TV Platform that provides linear channels and video-on-demand services via subscription and ad-funded options for free-to-view television. All View TVx customers get exclusive Kapang platform benefits to drive audiences and revenues.

With View TVx, content distributors can easily create and distribute their FAST channels to various platforms and devices with a single partner and process. View TVx also provides quality assurance, compliance management, performance measurement, and data analytics for the FAST channels.

By using View TVx, content distributors can tap into the potential of FAST channels and reach more viewers with streaming TV. For more information about View TVx and its solutions, please visit their website.

FAST Channel Distribution – Global audience reach and monetization, View TV
FAST Channel Distribution Endpoints