Create a FAST Channel that people love.  FAST Channels are the new frontier of the streaming TV industry in the 2020s. They offer viewers a free, linear, and curated TV experience with ad-supported content from various genres, networks, and studios. However, launching and monetising a FAST Channel can be challenging for broadcasters and content owners, especially if they want to avoid revenue shares, lengthy onboarding processes, and limited data and insights.

CTV Platform for Connected TV Success

View TV has developed a revolutionary CTV platform enabling anyone to create, broadcast, distribute, and monetise their FAST Channel quickly and efficiently. View TV’s platform consists of two main components: View TV Play and Kapang.

View TV Play is a cloud-based playout solution that allows you to create and manage your FAST Channel with a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can upload your content, schedule your programs, insert your ads, and stream your channel to any platform globally with fully integrated SSAI that you control.

FAST Channels get a flying start with Kapang CTV Platform

Kapang is a FAST TV service that hosts your channel on its app, available on all significant CTV devices. Kapang does not take any revenue share from your channel, unlike other FAST services. You keep the ad revenues and sponsorships you generate from your channel. Kapang also provides a live audience and revenue dashboard with real-time data and insights on your channel performance, audience behaviour, and revenue streams.

What is required to broadcast a FAST Channel?

With View TV’s platform, you can launch a FAST Channel within seven days, with minimal costs and requirements. All you need to do is:

•  Create your FAST Channel on View TV Play or deliver an existing HD SRT or HD HLS feed 

•  Provide an advertising VAST tag from your chosen ad agency operator

•  Provide channel graphics

View TV will do the rest. You can launch one or more channels with a global reach or restricted by geo as appropriate.

Why is the View TV broadcast eco-system so great?

View TV’s platform is the ultimate FAST Channel delivery and monetisation solution. It gives you the freedom, flexibility, and control to grow your channel and reach new audiences. Whether you want to launch a sister brand, simulcast your major brand, or create a brand-new service, View TV can help you achieve your goals.

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