FAST Channels, an emerging class of streaming video services, are undeniably on the rise. FAST, which stands for free, ad-supported, streaming TV, is an exciting mix of AVOD and linear TV, creating a subscription-free streaming option for the end user. Join our panel of industry experts as they explain why FAST Channels are on the rise, and what it can mean for Canadian producers and their content.

The FAST TV audience has been on the rise in recent times. Multiple FAST platforms are now bigger in terms of the number of viewers compared to cable and satellite TV platforms in the U.S. This is a turning point for many live TV channels and content publishers as it is going to demand a lot more from them both. FAST Channels are not only at a turning point in terms of content quantity and the rising number of viewers but revenue as well. 

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FAST Channels

A recent example is Amazon’s pitch to publishers about carrying out linear channels on IMDB TV. Publishers would stand to receive 55% of the net revenue from their IMDb TV channels.

FASTs are services that are free to use, and supported by advertisements. FAST TVs provide both linear channel and on-demand programming in a single viewing experience. Some of the biggest names are Samsung TV Plus and The Roku Channel.

The revenue of linear free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) in the United States is expected to reach 4.1 billion U.S. dollars by 2023. 

Create a FAST Channel

View TV provides a full end-to-end platform to create a FAST Channel using Cloudie TV, FAST Channel Playout, Broadcast CDN, Live TV CDN with SSAI Monetization and FAST channel Ad Fill by AdPOD TV.

With our own FAST Platform we can take any ready channel from any broadcast playout or cloudie tv live in a couple of days.

Create a FAST Channel – Create Streaming TV, View TV - Streaming Experts
FAST2.0 is a Linear TV experience standard for FAST & Connected TV Experiences to comply with audiences

View TV Group, Kapang & Cloudie TV embraces the FAST2.0 standard to achieve this.

FAST Channel Distribution

Create a FAST Channel – Create Streaming TV, View TV - Streaming Experts

FAST Channel Distribution is easy with View TV, we run a dedicated website at which provides full FAST Channel Distribution.