Prostream from View: A Cloud TV Scheduling Solution for FAST Channels

Prostream from View is a cloud TV playout solution that enables linear television broadcasters of all sizes to create, curate, manage, and deliver linear television services to multiple analogue, OTT, and connected TV platforms Prostream from View is part of the View TV Cloud, a streaming TV end-to-end ecosystem that also includes FAST channel distribution, broadcast-grade CDN, integrated SSAI, View TV Marketplace, and View TV Studios.

Prostream from View allows broadcasters to launch and manage their FAST (Free Ad-Supported TV) channels with ease and efficiency. FAST channels are streaming TV channels that offer free linear TV content to viewers, supported by ads. FAST channels are growing in popularity, as they provide a variety of content from different genres and sources, such as indie movies, old TV shows, online videos, and niche topics.

Prostream from View offers several features and benefits for broadcasters who want to distribute their content on FAST channels, such as:

•  A user-friendly interface that lets broadcasters create and schedule their channel lineup using drag-and-drop functionality.

•  A cloud-based playout system that eliminates the need for expensive hardware and software installation and maintenance.

•  A flexible and scalable solution that can handle any number of channels and platforms.

•  A reliable and secure service that ensures high-quality streaming and delivery of content.

•  A cost-effective and transparent pricing model that charges a fixed fee per month per channel, plus CDN, SSAI, and ad-trading fees.

•  A live dashboard that provides real-time data and insights on channel performance, audience behaviour, and revenue streams.

Prostream from View is compatible with any FAST channel from any origin playout service, such as Wurland Amagi. Broadcasters can launch their channels on any connected TV platform globally with fully integrated SSAI that they control. Prostream from View also powers FAST Plus, an innovative feature that gives broadcasters access to real-time data and insights on their FAST channel performance, audience behaviour, and revenue streams.

Prostream from View TV is the best choice for broadcasters who want to succeed in the booming FAST market. Prostream from View enables broadcasters to create and deliver high-quality FAST channels to millions of viewers across multiple platforms. Prostream from View is the ultimate cloud TV playout solution for FAST channels

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