Wurl Alternatives – VIew TV delivers FAST Channels are the new trend in the streaming TV industry, as they offer viewers a free, linear, and curated TV experience with ad-supported content from various genres, networks, and studios. However, launching and distributing a FAST Channel can be challenging for content providers, especially if they want to avoid revenue shares, lengthy onboarding processes, and limited data and insights. That’s why they need a reliable and efficient CTV platform that can help them deliver their FAST Channel to different platforms and devices.

Wurl is one of the leading CTV platforms that provides FAST Channel distribution and monetization services. Wurl connects content providers with CTV platforms and OTT services, such as Roku, Samsung TV Plus, Xumo, and more. Wurl also provides ad insertion, ad management, and ad revenue-sharing services for FAST Channels.

However, Wurl is not the only option for content providers who want to launch and distribute their FAST Channels. There is a perfect alternative to Wurl that offers more advantages and benefits for content providers: View TVx.

View TVx is a device-independent CTV platform that hosts and distributes multiple FAST Channels to various devices and services. View TVx enables content providers to create and distribute their streaming TV channels and video-on-demand content to various platforms and devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Samsung TV Plus. View TVx also leverages the advantages of higher revenues, broadcast-grade SLA and a true understanding of Broadcast TV businesses looking to transform to Streaming TV services.

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