View TV ClipStudio -Increasing viewers’ engagement is critical, and ClipStudio is the fastest way to create, edit, and publish clips to social media, the web, and OTT platforms.

ClipStudio can be used by anyone, anytime, from anywhere, from any workstation. There is no need for dedicated workstations, professional video editors, or expensive fees.

ClipStudio has no Hourly Fees use 24/7 with no additional charges ........


ClipStudio for content repurposing is the fastest and simplest content turn-around Live Video Clipping workflow solution for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, the web, and OTT platforms.

View TV ClipStudio enables clips editing; adding effects, logos, and animations; pre-roll and post-roll; dynamic metadata; and cropping, with a built-in transcoding engine to support any format. It’s easy to use and cost-effective, assuring your content will be published rapidly.

View TV ClipStudio – Live Video Clipping solution for social media, View TV

View TV ClipStudio gets clips to the socials fast

More than a compliance solution – ClipStudio offers an all-in-one platform for all your post-broadcast needs, including content repurposing. View TV ClipStudio is a powerful solution that benefits from compliance recordings,   compliance metadata, as-run log/EPG integrations, closed captions, subtitles, and more. It comes as a stand-alone solution or as an additional solution to your broadcast platform.

View TV ClipStudio – Live Video Clipping solution for social media, View TV

Delivering Live Video Clips to social media platforms

Record Live Video for Clipping to Social Media Platforms

Supports recording from any input, any format, and any resolution. All video and audio formats and interfaces are supported, including SDI, ASI, IP/TS, HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, ST2110/ST2022-6/7 (SMPTE), HDMI, DVB, analog, FM, and AM. In addition, all resolutions are supported: SD, HD, and UHD. Any storage can be used, including: local, central, DAS, NAS, SAN, or cloud.

Live clip, top & tail, transcode and deliver Social Media Clips in minutes - ClipStudio

Cloud Editing of all Live Video Clips

With advanced navigation options — such as scrubbing, fast-forward and backwards in different speed rates, mouse over, storyboard, keyboard shortcuts, and jog — relevant content is quick and easy to find. Mark in/outs can be used to ensure that relevant parts of the content are included or excluded. You can also add metadata, effects, and overlays to the clip.

Different metadata can be added to the clips from the as-run/EPG, closed caption, subtitles, audio track, time stamp, and more. Any number of profiles can be defined to ensure a fast workflow and frame-accurate clips editing. Integration with external metadata is included for quick editing, including ad removal, specific program clipping, and more. Clips can be created directly from the live signal or from the archived content with ClipStudio.

View TV ClipStudio – Live Video Clipping solution for social media, View TV

Transcode Live Video Clips for Socia Media Platform Distribution

An advanced built-in transcoding engine allows you to export clips in any format, any bitrate, and any resolution, with all the effects, graphics, and metadata. Optional integration is available with third-party encoders (transcoding farms), including Telestream, Elemental, and Ateme. The integration relies on a third-party API and is totally seamless to end users.

Distribute and deliver outstanding video clips to all social media platforms

Directly publishing clips to social media, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, OTT platforms, web portals, catch-up TV, VOD, FTP, network share, CDN, and DVD is simple. Content is also sent via mail to the internal catalog – internal repository management.

Delivery status notifications: Our solution provides full delivery status notifications to guarantee that all the clips have been created and delivered accurately. You can export to multiple destinations in one click.

View TV ClipStudio Event

Use View TV Clipstudio on demand for a day rate charge just commit to days per annum.

$ 170 Day rate (2 days/month)
  • Do not pay cloud by the hour
  • Rent the cloud when you need it
  • No bandwidth charges
  • Unimited usage per day
  • Live reporting dashboard
  • 99.999% Uptime Globally
  • 30-day DVR Storage

View TV ClipStudio Agency

Deploy the solution unlimited usage for one input available 24/7 with no additional hourly charges

$ 1,170 00 per month
  • Do not pay cloud by the hour
  • Monitoring & 90 day DVR,
  • Unlimited Clipping for 3 People
  • 4K optional encoding
  • Live video clipping for socials,
  • Full HD live graphics engine
  • 99.999% Uptime Globally
  • 90 Day Archive Storage
  • 24/7 Service Support

View TV Clipstudio Always-on

24/7 Multichannel service to record ad provide unlimited clipping annually.

$ 1,770 00 per month
  • Do not pay cloud by the hour
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  • 1 x Live 1080HD/4K Inputs
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  • Additional feeds = $1,170/month
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  • Unlimited clipping by 10 users
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  • 16Tb of storage included
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  • Produce unlimited clips
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  • Send to multiple accounts
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  • 365 Day DVR Storage
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  • Full distribution statistics
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