Live video clipping is creating short video clips from live sports broadcasts and sharing them on social media platforms. It is a way of engaging fans, attracting new audiences and increasing the exposure and reach of sports content. 

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Enhancing the fan experience with live video clipping

Live video social media clipping allows fans to relive the most exciting moments of a game, such as goals, saves, fouls, or celebrations. Fans can also interact with each other and express their opinions and emotions through comments, likes, and retweets. Video clipping can also help fans who missed the live broadcast to catch up with the highlights and key moments of the game using platforms such as Kapang and Pluto TV.

Boosting brand awareness with live video clipping

Sports video clipping can help sports organizations, teams, and athletes to build their brand identity and reputation online. Creating and sharing video clips showcasing their skills, achievements, personality, or values can attract more followers, sponsors, and media attention. Video clipping can also help to promote upcoming events, tournaments, or matches by generating hype and anticipation among fans.

Increasing the revenue potential with View TV Clipstudio

Live video feed clipping can create new revenue streams for sports content creators and distributors. They can generate more income from their content by monetising their video clips through advertising, sponsorship, or subscription models. Live sports video clipping can also drive more traffic to their websites or platforms, where they can offer more services or products to their customers.

Social Media distribution of Live Video Clips

Some different tools and platforms enable social video clip distribution. These tools allow users to easily edit and publish video clips from live streams on various social media destinations. These tools also offer features such as cloud-based production, web conferencing, talent sharing, or multi-camera switching. Live sports video clipping is a powerful and innovative way of creating and distributing sports content that can benefit live sports in many ways.

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How video clipping makes events successful on social media

Video clipping is the process of creating short video clips from live streams, such as sports, news, or entertainment events. Video clipping can help you enhance and repurpose your live content for various platforms and purposes, such as social media, highlights, or archives. Video clipping can make your events more successful on social media by:

•  Increasing your reach and engagement: Video clips can help you reach and engage more people on social media than live streams alone. Video clips are easier to consume, share, and comment on than long-form videos. Video clips can also attract more attention and interest from potential viewers who might not have time or access to watch the live stream. Video clips can also help you create a buzz and generate hype for your event before, during, and after the live stream.

•  Showcasing your best moments: Video clips can help you showcase the best moments of your event that might otherwise be missed or forgotten by the viewers. Video clips can highlight the most exciting, dramatic, funny, or memorable moments of your event that capture the essence and emotion of your content. Video clips can also help you tell a story and create a narrative around your event that connects with your audience.

•  Driving traffic and conversions: Video clips can help you drive traffic and conversions to your live stream or other platforms. Video clips can serve as teasers or trailers that entice the viewers to watch the full live stream or access more content. Video clips can also include calls to action or links that direct the viewers to your website, app, or channel where they can watch the live stream or subscribe to your service.

To create effective video clips from your live streams, you need a tool that is fast, easy, and reliable. View TV Clipstudio is a cloud-based browser application that enables teams to create short video clips from live streams, with access for multiple team members across the world View TV Clipstudio can help you create video clips from your live streams in four simple steps:

•  Step 1: Connect your live stream source to View TV Clipstudio. You can use any live stream source that supports HLS or SRT protocols, such as View TV Play, which is a cloud TV playout solution that enables you to create, curate, manage, and deliver your channel to multiple platforms.

•  Step 2: Select the live stream that you want to clip from. You can access multiple live streams simultaneously and switch between them easily.

•  Step 3: Mark the start and end points of the clip that you want to create. You can use the timeline or keyboard shortcuts to mark the points precisely. You can also preview the clip before saving it.

•  Step 4: Save and export the clip to your desired destination. You can save the clip locally or export it to various platforms, such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or Kapang, which is an amazing live TV and video entertainment platform that delivers broadcast television channels and on-demand video content.

View TV Clipstudio is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to create video clips from your live streams in minutes. You can use View TV Clipstudio to create video clips for any genre, niche, or purpose, such as sports highlights, news updates, event recaps, or social media posts. You can also use View TV Clipstudio to monetize your video clips with ads or subscriptions.

View TV Clipstudio is the ultimate solution for video clipping that makes your events successful on social media. Try it today and discover the joy of creating video clips from your live streams

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