FAST Channel Agreegators – The perfect CTV solution for Video Content Agencies and Streaming TV aggregators for delivering channels to other platforms with a single centralised dashboard.

With View TVx we can provide all FAST Channel Aggregators with the following key points:

  • We can provide discounted Lite Cloud TV Playout for 10 – 250 channels with a 50% discount  
  • We can provide an EPG space on Kapang TV in the UK and USA with either a 50/50 revenue share or a FAST Plus SaaS business model,
  • We distribute to unlimited global CTV platforms or OTT apps with the same simple business model,
  • We provide a live reporting View TV Dashboard for all channels across all platforms,
  • We provide managed yield management for Ad-fill for FAST Channels globally across all platforms.

Onboard channels in Days with FAST review

FAST Channel Agreegators – The perfect CTV solution for content agencies, View TV
View TV Connect Dashboard

What are FAST Channel Aggregators?

A FAST Channel Aggregator is a platform that offers a variety of linear channels and on-demand content for free, supported by ads. FAST stands for Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV, and it is a category of streaming television services that resemble traditional cable or satellite TV.

FAST Channel Aggregators include platforms such as Kapang, Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, Roku, Xumo, and Tubi, among others. Users can access these platforms through different devices, such as smartphones, TVs, or laptops, and choose from a wide range of genres and niches to watch.

FAST Channel Aggregators can help content creators and broadcasters reach new audiences and generate revenue from advertising. They can also provide viewers with more options and flexibility to watch what they want when they want, and how they want.

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