Video Editing Cloud from View TV is a fantastic solution to editing with the power of an editing studio via a remote connection anywhere in the world. Create and deliver your channel to Kapang across the UK and USA within a few days and distribute to several platforms, such as Pluto TV and Redbox, within weeks.

Video Editing Cloud can save you time and

FAST Channels are the Future of TV

Editing in the cloud is FAST!

What Are FAST Channels?

For that unfamiliar, FAST stands for free, ad-supported television played in a linear format with a guide, similar to cable’s or satellite’s layout and guide.

Variety VIP+ cites 2020 as the year FAST took off, and the trajectory since then has been astounding. As an early provider of FAST channels, Plex has sourced data from an internal analytics dashboard analyzing billions of minutes of programming. This data shows just how rapidly it continues to advance. FAST content consumed was just 6% of the total in 2020 versus 30% of all Plex content in 2022. Over a billion minutes have been watched since January 1 of this year—the rough equivalent of 2,500 years of content if consecutively watched.