Los Angeles CA – May 4, 2022 – On the back of NAB 2022, View TV Group have announced that Kaloopy, the Californian cult lifestyle FAST channel has aligned with and will be rebuilt using the FAST 2.0 Standard. 

“Kaloopy, which is owned by a Los Angeles-based company, Kaloopy Media, features continuous videos of beautiful women in various states of undress, dancing, jumping, and sometimes, rolling around the floor or beach in apparent imminent ecstasy” said Jamie Branson, CEO View TV Group. “Kaloopy was one of the top three channels on Pluto until it moved to Distro two years ago, where it is again one of the platform’s top earners” added Jamie.

View TV Group Announces the Kaloopy Lifestyle Channel has been rebuilt on the FAST 2.0 Standard for Broadcast-Grade TV, View TV - Streaming Experts

“The transformation in look and feel of the rebuilt Kaloopy once the FAST 2.0 Standard was applied has been extraordinary. It allows me to add value to the channel outside of the constraints I have found with the current providers of FAST tech and ad revenue” said Kurt Heim, CEO Kaloopy Media. “Our experience on Kapang has mirrored that on the other two platforms and I’m already seeing the increased value” he added.

The rebuilt Kaloopy appears on the View TV Group Connected Television (CTV) platform, Kapang broadcasting in the UK and US. The previous channel feed to other platforms has been replaced and is free of any fixed charge / connector fee, using View TV Group’s broadcast content delivery networks (CDN).